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The Forests of Paraguay

When most geographers talk of Paraguay they tend to mention the great Gran Chaco plains, or the sparsely wooded hills east of the Rio Paraguay. They talk of the country’s landlocked character and its relatively sparse coverage of thick and dense vegetation in comparison to the rainforest-rich Amazonian countries to the north.

The City of Areguá

Neatly nestled between the outer city suburbs of sprawling Asunción, the rolling forested hills of one of the national parks of Paraguay such as the Ypacarai National Park in the north and the vast water expanses of the Ypacarai Lake itself in the east, the city of Areguá is a place at once accessible and alluring.

Paraguay on a Budget

The South American country of Paraguay is home to some terrific attractions, great sightseeing, a rich culture, and a long and varied history.  It is also very easy to visit on a budget, having been rated as one of the cheapest countries in the whole world.
In most of the main places of interest and tourist hotspots you will be able to find very reasonably priced places to stay. 

Paraguay is a modern country undeniably and obviously forged by the moulding hand of centuries of tribal culture. Today’s forward-thinking nation is the product of a real cascade of different threads of human history, all intermingled together to form a plethora of pre and post-colonial ideology that’s retained much of the traditional, earthy and mystical ideas that were popular in the past.

Filadelfia Town

Known colloquially as ‘The Capital of the Chaco’, the small town of Filadelfia is perhaps  as much like a capital as it is like its super-city namesake in the US. Small town charm and wild remoteness are the two hallmarks of this curious little hub of cosmopolitan influences, and first time visitors can surely be forgiven for forgetting that they are in the very heartlands of Latin America as they wander around this city’s dusty streets and dirt track roads for the first time.

Wines and Alcohol in Paraguay

Discovering the tipple of a country is definitely part of the fun when it comes to exploring new places, particularly when they occupy as exotic corners of the world as Paraguay. All across South America travellers both young and old are eager and exited to sample the local brew, whether that means the dry reds of the Chilean wine country, or the hard-up tequila of the Mexican pueblo towns.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels of Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country in south central South America. The country has a population of just over 6 million people, and its biggest city is Asuncion. The city of Asuncion has a population of about 550,000 and it is the Paraguay’s capital city, it is its financial center, its cultural center and its spiritual center.  Most people enter the country by air through the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport

The airport acts as a hub for TAM Airlines and receives international flights from American Airlines.  It is located in Luque, a suburb of Asunción.

The Itaipu Dam

In 1994 the American Society of Civil Engineers forwarded their nominations for the seven Wonders of the Modern World. Amongst the myriad of intriguing and awe-inspiring engineering undertakings that range from such iconic feats of the 20th century as the trans-channel tunnel between London and Paris and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Itaipu Dam was the name that made everyone curious.

Camping in Paraguay

While for many visitors roughing it in Paraguay may be seen as an unnecessary evil in a land where cheap accommodation seems as if it’s on tap, where there are plenty of low-cost budget stop overs and a fantastically welcoming local population often eager to share their abodes with travellers who really are that low on cash, there has nonetheless been a recent surge in the popularity of camping in the country and, indeed, across the continent as a whole.

The Tribes of Paraguay

In mid-2012 two deforestation companies based in Brazil purchased large swathes of the Paraguayan Chaco forest plain. This arid, sparsely populated, sparely forested region that spans across large portions of northern Paraguay was internationally recognised as one of the last remaining bastions of untouched and undisturbed Native Indian tribal life in South America and indeed, the planet as whole.