Top 10 Attractions in Paraguay

Paraguay is a rich country filled with sights, sounds and attractions you’ll remember for a lifetime. Whether you enjoy diverse foods, an outdoor adventure or exotic shopping, Paraguay has something to offer every traveler looking for exciting attractions. Here are the top 10 attractions you should check out while traveling in Paraguay:

1. Ruta Trans Chaco Road

Travel the Ruta Trans Chaco road to the Cruce de los Pioneros hotel, located near the isolated Captain Lagoon in the Chaco rainforest. The owner of Cruce de los Pioneros offers excursions to the Captain Lagoon, where you can experience ecotourism at its finest! Captain Lagoon boasts a myriad of rare avian species and trails in the Mennonite Wildlife Reserve.

2. Flamingo Lagoon and Lost Bog

These gorgeous huge lagoons are located in the heart of the Chaco rainforest, next to the Chaco Lodge. Tapir and Jabiru Stork are some of the rare species you’ll see at this site, including hundreds of flamingoes.

3. Iguazu Falls

This beautiful attraction is located where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. You can enter the falls via the Ciudad del Este from the Paraguay side. This attraction contains over 250 waterfalls and is second only to Niagara Falls.

4. National Pantheon of the Heroes

Located in the noble city of Asunción, this must see architectural and cultural emblem of Paraguay’s history comes alive during holidays. You can also view the changing of the guard throughout the day.

5. Palacio de López

Located in Asunción, this enormous colonial presidential palace is the seat of Paraguay government. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Portal del Sol for a fabulous time!

6. Jesus and Trinidad Jesuit Ruins

The Jesuits set up a missionary in Paraguay in 1609, and the remains of this attraction are incredible. Taking Route No. 6 from Encarnación will lead you to three different sites that host soaring churches, colonial architecture and a rich tribute to Paraguay’s diverse culture.

7. Estancia Aventura

This secluded luxury ranch is excellent for the outdoors traveler who wants to go horseback riding in the morning and shopping in Asunción at night. This ranch offers an exclusive get-away lifestyle for anyone looking to escape the tedium of business and work.

8. Asunción Shopping District

Asuncion is a world-famous attraction in Paraguay for its eclectic shopping tastes, fine living and the unique district of Luque! Stay at the Paraguay Sheraton Asunción and book yourself a spa getaway after a long day of shopping.

9. Basilica of Caacupé

The district of Caacupe is home to a soaring Basilica that’s a popular pilgrimage site. Go during the first week of December and you’ll get to see the festival devotion to Our Lady of the Miracles. Nothing captures the unique Roman Catholic feel of Paraguay as this district.

10. Itaipu Dam & Water Plant

Itaipu Dam located on the Parana River, this site is one of the largest dams in South America and is surrounded by rich native Guarani culture. The dam offers free tours so tourists can marvel at this engineering attraction.

Paraguay is a mysterious and rich South American country with an attraction suited for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a new Paraguay tourist, you’re guaranteed to be amazed during your visit.