Top 10 Hotels in Paraguay

Paraguay is a South American country that is often overlooked but has a thriving tourist industry designed to cater to the out-of-towner looking for a truly unique experience. Here we will list the top 10 hotels in Paraguay in the capital city of Asuncion for your convenience. These hotels are the top locations Paraguay has to offer.

1. Excelsior Hotel

The Excelsior is a hotel designed for the business traveler looking for all the comforts of home while on the road. The Excelsior has earned its place on the list of top 10 hotels of Paraguay with its 121 rooms and suites, conference rooms, sauna, gym, beauty parlor and boutique, and tennis courts.

2. Granados Park Hotel

The Granados Park Hotel caters to the tourist that wants only the best. All of their rooms are suites, which tells you right off the bat that you are in for a real treat. The folks at the Granados Park Hotel are focused not only providing all the amenities, but doing it with style. Their focus on the aesthetics of their hotel is overwhelming.

3. Hotel Resort Casino Yacht and Golf Club

This resort, overlooking the river, obviously only caters to the most exclusive clients. It features beautiful suites in a tropical theme, a private riverside beach, and access to all the boating, gambling and golfing you could ever want.

4. Sheraton Asuncion

If you’ve ever been to a Sheraton Hotel you know what to expect. The folks at Sheraton know the hospitality business inside and out. They’ve taken exhaustive steps to make sure that no matter what Sheraton you stay at the world over, that you’re experience will remain the same – great.

5. Hotel Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas is located centrally in the downtown of Asuncion and is ideal for those looking to experience the nation’s capital in style. Las Margaritas features uniquely-decorated rooms, a sauna, indoor pool and conference rooms.

6. Candlewood All Suites-Apart Hotel

The Candlewood is centrally located between downtown and the airport, providing easy access to plenty of shopping. This hotel’s unique quality has landed it in the top 10 hotels in Paraguay; it has its own small zoo, an Austrian beer garden and a Bavarian restaurant!

7. Gran Hotel Armele

The Gran Hotel Armele is another top-notch hotel which features a breathtaking, panoramic view of the bay. It has huge rooms, a gym and a sauna.

8. Gran Hotel del Paraguay

The Gran Hotel del Paraguay is a classic hotel that has retained its beauty over the 100 years it has existed. It features a beautiful garden and pool, as well as an enormous dining hall.

9. Hotel Westfalenhaus

The Hotel Westfalenhaus is centrally located to the zoo, botanical gardens, shopping and other attractions. It features comfortable, large rooms with all the bells and whistles.

10. Hotel Chaco

The Hotel Chaco is a well-established hotel in the area, centrally located to many clubs, casinos, and other attractions. It features comfortable rooms and exclusive suites.