Paraguay on a Budget

The South American country of Paraguay is home to some terrific attractions, great sightseeing, a rich culture, and a long and varied history.  It is also very easy to visit on a budget, having been rated as one of the cheapest countries in the whole world.

In most of the main places of interest and tourist hotspots you will be able to find very reasonably priced places to stay.

Hotel rooms are generally relatively inexpensive, although you will, of course, be able to find more luxury places if you do want to splash out. There are guest houses and rooms available when it comes to accommodation, and you will find that you don’t need to spend a lot in order to be able to find somewhere decent with good facilities.

Make sure that you check a few places for costs and amenities before making a final decision. Camping is also an option in many areas, and a night on a campsite will set you back very little less than $5 a night is common. For the cheapest accommodation options outside of the main cities you may need to take your own sheets, pillows, and towels – it is advisable to check first before finalising your plans.

Transportation within Paraguay is also fairly cheap , and your main transport expense is likely to be flights, if you choose to enter the country by air. You can compare flights before you book though to make sure that you are getting the very best deal and value for money. If you are travelling around South America and visiting a variety of different countries, overland border crossings by bus is often the most economical way to travel. There are also boats that run between Paraguay and Brazil. They may be uncomfortable and cramped, but they will not cost you very much at all.

Buses connect most parts of the country, and they are not expensive. Locally, taxis are usually very affordable, and can be one of the best ways to get around within a town or city. Of course, if sights are within easy walking distance this will be completely free!  It is not expensive to rent a car and enjoy complete independence whilst on your Paraguay adventure, although with fuel costs, toll fees, and regular stops by the police it may not be the most convenient way to travel around.

Paraguay Food is cheap. Whether you eat in a restaurant or at a market you can expect to spend very little at mealtimes. Generally, places that are more aimed at foreigners will be a bit more expensive, so for the biggest savings follow the locals and eat where they do. If your accommodation has breakfast included or cooking facilities you should make full use of them if you are really trying to travel as cheaply as possible. Traditional food is very diverse and tasty – some great things to try include the BBQs and bakeries.

The local beer is good, and is, as expected, a lot cheaper than imported brands. Stick with locally produced drinks for the biggest savings. You will also sample more of the Paraguay products and experience more of the Paraguay way of life. The locally produce liquor is also nice, and it is very similar to rum. You cannot drink the tap water, so you will need to factor buying bottled water into your budget. You may also wish to carry purifying tablets with you for places where it is not so easy to buy bottled water. Always check the seal on bottles before purchasing.

When it comes to sightseeing, places that charge an entrance fee are usually very reasonable. There are also attractions that have no cost, and a large part of sightseeing in the cities will involve wandering around, looking at the architecture, and soaking up the sights.

A great selection of handicrafts and souvenirs are available at the markets for very low prices.

In general, a holiday in Paraguay will not cost much at all, when compared to many other places around the globe. It is important to be aware of costs when in situations where you are bartering, as what may actually be a very small sum of money to tourists could make a major difference in this very poor country.