Top 10 Restaurants in Paraguay

Paraguay’s awesome culinary culture and history has allowed many top-notch restaurants to take shape in this once impoverished country. This is a list of top ten “must-eat-in” restaurants that every tourist should check out during their time in Paraguay.


This top restaurant is a local favorite and is owned by a chef that even has his own cooking show: Cocinando la mañana! This restaurant serves local Chaco favorites, but also is one of the few restaurants to offer local fish, Surubi. Many social elites wine and dine at this place and it’s sure to be a traveling favorite.

1. Il Capo

Few would think you could come to Paraguay and receive top Italian food. Il Capo is South American famous for its huge wine selection and delicious Italian favorites. Located in the heart of Asuncion, this top restaurant is a romantic favorite for many traveling couples.

2. Jardin Aleman

If you’re traveling to Iguazu Falls near Asuncion, this restaurant is a great lunch stop along the way. This place is German-owned and you’ll find many German classics here with a little bit of Paraguayan influence.

3. Confiteria Bolsi

Located in Asuncion, this local-themed restaurant is a favorite spot for young chic Paraguayans. It has the atmosphere of a small café but packs quite the Paraguayan punch with traditional dishes. The local chef uses Mediterranean dishes and mixes them with local ingredients for a unique experience.

4. Lido Bar

This local-themed restaurant has a ton of personality. Restaurant workers parade the street outside the bar in costume, and the cuisine is lunch-style. Come early though- by noon this place is packed.

5. Pancholo’s

This is Paraguay’s own style of fast food restaurant. This local Asuncion restaurant claims to be an American-style burger joint. It has started quite the tradition in Asuncion, bringing American burgers to Paraguay for the first time. Better yet, they’ve also recently introduced pizza at Pancholo’s.

6. Rodizio

This Asuncion restaurant is a great for travelers. It’s buffet style and serves asado (Paraguayan barbeque) everyday. Best of all, its notoriously inexpensive and you can get endless amounts of food and have leftovers.

7. Las Palomas

This restaurant is located in Asuncion and is owned by a Mexican chef who prides himself on real Mexican cuisine. Be prepared for hot rich dishes with kick.

8. Hiroshima

If you’re traveling in Encarnacion and you have a hankering for Japanese and sushi, Hiroshima is one of Paraguay’s most famous Japanese restaurants.

9. Walterio

This San Bernardino restaurant is newly established and very similar to Aunsion’s Pancholo’s restaurant. Waterio serves fine American-style burgers and many German dishes for a low price.

No matter where you end up in Paraguay, you’re sure to find a very unique mix of Paraguayan, Spanish and English influence on the cuisine. Chefs from Mexico, Germany, Russia and America come to Paraguay to open new restaurants for the budding Westernized culture. As a traveler, be prepared for very rich dishes, plenty of spices and friendly service where ever you go.