Paraguay Guide

Paraguay Guide

Name: Paraguay
Capital: Asunción
Area: 406,752 km2
157,048 sq mi
Population: 6,349,000
Language: Spanish

Paraguay MapParaguay is one of the rare landlocked South American countries. It still has many great tourist attractions, however. It’s just that if you are looking for a beach with an ocean view, you are out of luck!

That aside, Paraguay is one of the top destinations for eco-travelers in the world. This country features quite a few different habitats for those interested in local flora and fauna to peruse. This variety allows you to see a diverse array of plants and animals from different habitats, rather than just the rain forest flora and fauna most think of when they think of South America. Even the traditional tourist can find something for them in Paraguay, with its rich cultural history and native peoples that cater to the tourist industry.

Paraguay country is divided into the eastern Paraná region, the western Chaco. The Paraná region is mostly wooded hills and grassy plains, while the Chaco consists mostly of low, marshy plains. Paraguay’s distance from the equator is what makes this geological and environmental diversity possible. Paraguay lies roughly 1300 miles from the equator. As such, it is not as tropical as you might think. What this means to you as a tourist is that you should be ready for more temperature variations and overall a more comfortable experience than you might think. In other words, you won’t be soaking wet with sweat the whole time you are there!

The Chaco is the region that will most appeal to the eco-tourist. The Chaco, also called the Gran Chaco, is sparsely populated with mostly friendly native peoples and even a few colonies of European Mennonites that migrated there decades ago. Within the Chaco there is a variety of habitats that provide for a great amount of diversity in its plants, birds, mammals, and reptiles. The Chaco truly is a primeval landscape just waiting to be explored.

The eastern Paraná region is where you will find Paraguay’s larger cities and a more standard tourism industry. Paraná’s cities are home to some great hotels and cultural restaurants that appeal to the out-of-towner. Here is where you will find resorts and spas that will pamper you like no other.

Paraguay is a safe, stable country in the middle of South America that is just waiting for you to come visit! Whether you are looking to discover exotic wildlife or seeking the resort and spa treatment, Paraguay has what you are looking for. If you are looking for something off the beaten path for your next vacation, consider “The Garden of the World,” Paraguay!