Weather and Climate in Paraguay

Similar to other South American countries, the climate in Paraguay can be generally described as subtropical to temperate. Situated on the Tropic of Capricorn, the average humidity is around 64% on any given day and the average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. Rain occurs evenly throughout the year but varies in volume across the different regions (there is heavier rainfall in the eastern portions, and dry to semi-arid on the western front).

Also the heaviest rainfall happens during the months of October up until March, with the wettest month in January. Average rainfall in the country is around 127 centimeters.

Summer months are from December to February and winter is from May until September. Summer in Paraguay is wet, sultry and oppressive, with temperatures ranging from 25 degrees Celsius and 43 degrees Celsius with the hottest months being December and January. Rainfall is mostly concentrated in the summer months. In the winter however, temperatures are more variable – it can swing from freezing to a mild 22 degrees Celsius although there is virtually no frost. The coldest month is in July and the driest weather is in August. Climate-wise, spring and fall do not really exist in Paraguay.

If you are planning on a vacation trip to Paraguay the best time recommended by travel guides and experts would be between the months of May to September when there is lesser amount of rainfall and it is not so hot to hike or walk around. However it is still advised that visitors should pack at least one waterproof jacket or rainwear.