Top 10 Cities in Paraguay

Paraguay’s culture always impresses the first time traveler to this beautiful South American country. In Paraguay, each city you visit will provide a little bit different flavor of this country’s proud and varied history. This list showcases the top 10 cities every tourist should visit in Paraguay:

1. Asuncion

No trip to Paraguay is complete without a trip to Paraguay’s center of culture, music and shopping. The capital of Paraguay sings with Guarani music, shop owners selling beautiful timbo-carved wood and all the modern shopping a tourist could want. Asuncion’s also home to the best hotels Paraguay has to offer: Sheraton Asuncion and Hotel Guarani.

2. Encarnación

This city is called the “Pearl of South America” for its mild climate and extremely diverse population. Encarnación is also the home to Paraguay’s Carnival celebration every year, when the streets become filled with Brazilian music and dancing. Modern shopping is found in the newer central part of town, while more classic Paraguayan gifts and souvenirs can be found on the older outskirts.

3. San Lorenzo

This city’s main tourist attraction is commerce. Huge ships deliver goods to Asuncion and local shops travel here to sell. This large city is lined with countless shops selling everything from classic Paraguayan souvenirs to modern Westernized shopping.

4. Capiata

This large city borders seven other cities, making it a perfect centerpiece to a multi-city adventure. Franciscan chapels are the top attraction here, offering many historical attractions for travelers. The Paraguay River is also a popular attraction in this city, where fishing and camping is allowed.

5. Fernando de la Mora

This is a very well groomed and economically rich city that borders Luque in Asuncion. Soccer is a huge attraction in this city. The Municipal Theatre here hosts many art and cultural events for a very low price. This city is one of the most progressive cities in Paraguay.

6. Lambaré

Located right on the Paraguay River, this smaller city close to Asuncion offers some of the best access to the riverside beaches and boat tours.

7. Itauguá

This city has the San Rafael Museum, an important historical treasure trove of the Colonial Age in Paraguay. As such, this city also has wonderful architecture and the Ñandutí Festival, where artists come and perform traditional Paraguayan music and poetry. You can also purchase the very well sought after Ñandutí material, characterized by very complex patterns woven into silk.

8. Nemby

Through this city, travelers can access the wetlands Estero Isla Sola, an important ecological attraction where rare species come from all around to enjoy the moist cool environment.

9. Concepcion

This city is a great place to view Chaco culture of Paraguay while still being comfortable in modern accommodations. Fort San Carlos del Apa is also located in Concepcion.

10. Ciudad del Este

The Iguazu Falls are accessible from Paraguay via this city. This is also a great city to stay if you want to experience Brazil, as the Friendship Bridge allows travelers to quickly and easily cross over.

No matter where you visit in Paraguay, you’ll always be greeted with South American charm and open arms by the locals. Every city offers something unique with a new adventure.