Top Five Things To Pack When Traveling To Paraguay

Like most South American countries, Paraguay has a subtropical to temperate climate bordering on arid in some regions. Humidity is usually high and travel agencies would often recommend going to Paraguay during the winter months of May to September when it is tolerable to go around. Here are some important things to remember to bring on your trip to Paraguay.

Visa and Passport

Except for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA which are required to secure a visa before entry, travelers from other countries need only bring their passport.

Light Clothing

Preferably cotton or something of natural fabric, in light colours and easy to stash away in a backpack when trekking or travelling around the country. Also bring a rain jacket as the weather can sometimes be unpredictable and showers might occur anytime during the day.

Medical Kit

When you’re planning to go outside the city to explore the off-beaten path of the countryside, bringing along a medical kit with essentials such as aspirin, insect repellent lotion, sunscreen and first aid materials will be wise and practical. Especially if you’re taking prescription medicine, it will be a good idea to bring them along as they may not be available in certain remote places although a lot of prescription medicines are available over the counter in Paraguay.

Good Walking or Running Shoes

Buses and trams are aplenty in Paraguay but it is always smart to prepare yourself for some good measure of walking.


Although it is easy to procure items in Paraguay especially in cities such as Asuncion, it would be good to bring your own batteries, film and memory cards just in case your travel takes you to unexplored places where your type of items are not available. Make sure to pack them inconspicuously and do not leave them in your hotel room where they can possibly be stolen.